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Thinking of where to settle your office? Amongst thousands of vacancies in the city, which one would match all your requirement? How about the building's service? Is it still in good condition like the ad says? Don't waste your precious time surfing on those messy ads on internet! Let those real estate agencies introduce you some best office match. Coming to them, you can find the most suitable place to not only locate your office but also find your own residential place.

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Blue Dragon Construction
As a member of Emar group, Blue Dragon is construction based company. With the aim of bringing modern, convenient and Japanese living space to customers, Blue Dragon is always learning to understand and satisfy customers’ high demands. Emphasizing on quality, Blue Dragon is committed to using constructing raw materials imported from Japan and staff who have high qualifications and knowledge. Additionally, Blue Dragon is in charge of real estate, broker and consulting about construction.... >> Read more

Zenitaka Corporation
As an old established brand name, Zenitaka Corporation operates business in the construction field. Particularly, the company gets involved in general contracting, construction, urban development, real estate and engineering. In Japan, Zenitaka has earned public attention through big projects which include Nissan Stadium, Kumagaya Dome, Chiba Central Tower, and Tajima Airport… In Vietnam, Zenitaka established and located its offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Zenitaka Vietnam’s business engages in real estate, general construction,... >> Read more

Amata Industrial Park
Established in 1994, Amata Vietnam is the joint venture between Thailand and Vietnam. The company operates Amata city Bien Hoa industrial park Vietnam. What sets it apart from other industrial parks includes strategic location, modern infrastructure, abundance of labor, and free setting up service. Thanks to these advantages and full supports of Amata industrial park, it has become premium choice for companies to place their foundation bases. So far, the industrial park has welcomed... >> Read more

Toyo Construction
Toyo Construction is a long established Japanese firm that set its presence in the market in 1929. As a big brand name in construction field, Toyo Construction is in charge of all aspects related to constructions. Particularly, the company gets involved in a whole process including planning, designing, executing, supervising and maintaining of civil constructions, building, and urban development. Besides that, Toyo also operates business in the field of real estate and transportation. With... >> Read more

Thang Long Industrial Park II
In the era of integration, Vietnam has become an attractive destination of foreign investors because of abundance of labor and stable environment. On that basic, Thang Long industrial park II (TLIPII) was founded in 2009 as the joint venture among 3 investors who are Sumitomo Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation Vietnam and Thang Long industrial park corporation. Located in Hung Yen, TPIPII has available modern infrastructure including drainage systems, transportation, electricity systems, warehouses, banks, supermarkets and... >> Read more

Taisei Corporation
Taisei Corporation is an old established Japanese company that gets engaged in construction industry. Particularly, services provided by Taisei are building construction, civil engineering, real estate, operation, and ecology. Applying expert knowledge and creative spirit, Taisei Corporation aims at bringing customers with premium quality services together with pursuit of low cost to achieve a higher level of customers’ satisfaction. The company has carried out a number of projects in Japan and worldwide. Taisei Corporation... >> Read more

Hoa Huy Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd (HOAHUY E & C) started operation in January 2013; The head quarter in Ho Chi Minh; The organization & motto is Bring great value to customers by Quality construction and honest service - Quality construction. Honest service. Great value. HOAHUY E & C has two main operations field are Construction and Mechanical: We specializes in construction projects such as: Industrial Plants, Civil Works, Transport works, Irrigation Works and... >> Read more

V- Tower

V- Tower

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V- Tower is the joint venture between Japan- Vietnam. Located in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, V- Tower is 10 storey building that offers offices and apartments for rent, commercial center and restaurant. The building was constructed in accordance with international criteria. Therefore, besides modern and synchronous design, V- Tower’s offices are well furnished with modern equipments and large space. There are also other supporting services including security, and parking. Thanks to all advantages,... >> Read more

Sumi Hanel

Sumi Hanel

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Sumi Hanel is the joint venture between Hanoi Electronic Corporation and Sumimoto Japan. With the annual sales of 7000 billion VND, Sumi Hanel proves itself to be strong company providing clients in diversified fields such as from manufacturing and sales of electronic, telecommunication, IT devices, and other supporting products, to construction, real estate, HR, multimodal logistics system. Sumi Hanel currently has 37 subsidiaries with more than 7000 employees. Main clients of Sumi Hanel include:... >> Read more

LeoPalace 21 Vietnam
LeoPalace 21 Vietnam is a 100% Japan owned enterprise headquartered in Ho Chi Minh city. As a real estate oriented firm, the company handles all related services. The company introduces a wide range of properties from family, single living to business to meet with diverse customers’ demands. In the main website, LeoPalace 21 supports customers search for their ideal accommodations in term of sizes, prices and locations…. With a team of experienced real estate... >> Read more